Disinfection of rest homes –
highest standard of
hygiene for your residents
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Fast Procedure

Easy preparation and post-processing: DISINFECT plus ensures quick decontamination and eliminates germs and microorganisms effectively.


The patented Austrian DCX-technology enables effective and homogenous decontamination – down to the smallest corner.


Thanks to its compact design, DISINFECT plus is perfectly suitable for a wide range of rooms – for flexible and mobile use.


The DCX Fluid is 100% biodegradable and gentle to materials. After decontamination, it decomposes into oxygen and water – without condensate.

DISINFECT plus – the most modern disinfection device for rest homes

Residents of care facilities belong to the high-risk groups, respective of diseases caused by microorganisms. Therefore, a high standard of hygiene has an absolute priority. DISINFECT plus disinfects your premises with log-6 standard and thus eliminates SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses, multi-resistant germs and bacteria effectively. Thereby, the patented and scientifically tested DCX technology is used, which disinfects even the smallest corner by using a special dry steam – for your protection and that of your residents.





DISINFECT plus – the patented DCX-technology from Austria


The mobile device disinfects rooms and entire buildings fully automatic. The patented ultrasound technology produces cold dry steam that effectively destroys SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses, multi-resistant germs, bacteria, spores and fungi.

1-2-3 Application in the care sector


With these three steps your care facility will be decontaminated quickly and safely

1 – Consulting

Contact our team for your personal and tailored offer.

2 – Service

Our experts take over the entire decontamination process at your site.

3 – Release

The room will be checked and released by our experts.

Customer opinions

At our nursing home all rules of hygiene must be observed. In these difficult times we came across DISINFECT plus. Only after a few hours, the entire premises were free of viruses – unbelievable!

Lisa Worthner

After a short research, we noticed DISINFECT plus immediately. The super friendly team disinfected our rooms perfectly, especially the sensitive patient area. There was no need to remove or cover anything.

Gregor Milewski

Our patients are sensitive and demanding. Thanks to the room sterility on an OP-standard, we were able to convince even the sceptics – and each resident feels absolutely safe now again.

Anais Ramos

The DCX technology of DISINFECT plus has been tested i.a. by the Robert Koch Institute and has proven its clear effectiveness.


… against SARS-CoV-2 and all other viruses, germs, bacteria, spores and fungi.


… one call and we are coming to you.


… DISINFECT plus can be used wherever there is a power socket nearby.


.. DISINFECT plus is suitable for rooms and buildings of all kinds and disinfects everything down to the last corner.